Our allotment site is located in the heart of Mountnessing Village. There are 21 plots in total and an average plot measures 54 sqm and costs £12, smaller plots may be available at £6 per year.  An additional charge is made of £5 is made for each shed, greenhouse or similar structure erected on a plot. At present there isn’t a water supply at the site and there aren’t any toilet facilities.

There is a waiting list at the moment.

Tenants are expected to keep their plots well cultivated and there are two inspection each year to ensure that plots are in good condition.

Managing an allotment demands quite a commitment of your time but it is very rewarding. Allotment holders are a community and if you are new to allotment gardening, you will be welcomed by friendly enthusiasts who will offer you all the advice you need.  Plenty of good quality produce is grown on our allotments with one or two of our allotment holders being successful in local horticultural shows.

The Council’s Allotments Committee has one meeting a year at which all tenants are welcome. It has a sub-committee, where Allotment Site Representatives can put forward ideas generated by tenants. An annual Action Plan is written, setting out priory improvements on sites and in the administration of our business.

Click here to read our Allotment Rules and Conditions

If you would like to take on an allotment, please contact the Parish Clerk