Farming: A risky business

We farmers are notoriously obsessed with the weather and weather forecasts. This year was no exception!  You will all recall the hard freeze and snow before Christmas, and then this spring the longest drought for 35 years! For 10 weeks from mid March our crops... 2

Farming: Getting ready for spring

No two years in farming are ever the same. Winter 2010/11 saw all that snow in November followed by a significant period of drought in the Spring. Winter 2011/12 by comparison was incredibly mild and the snow didn’t fall until later in January. After the terrible... 2

FARMING: The Old Days

I first came to know the village of Mountnessing in 1950 when I came to work at Thoby Priory Farm with my grandfather, who had farmed it since 1928, mostly with sheep and cattle. In 1953 to 1954 my Father, granted planning permission, built the... 0

The importance of hedges

In the form in which we know them here, hedgerows exist in only a handful of other spots around the world, principally Tasmania, Normandy, Ireland and New England. Hedges have defined field and territorial boundaries since Roman times. Their pattern, built up gradually


Farming: A family tradition

As some of you may know my family has lived and worked in Mountnessing for more than 100 years. We are arable farmers, which means we grow grain and other crops which are used for providing food to humans and animals. The economics of modern... 1