13th June 2016 Minutes


St John’s Hall, Monday, 13 June 2016, 7:30pm

Attendees: Cllr Stephenson (Chair), Cllr Santry (Vice-Chair), Cllr Harries, Cllr King, Cllr Broughton, Cllr Read, Cllr Hofert, Cllr Naylor, David Poole (Town Planner,Weston Homes).

  1. Apologies for Absence

BCllr Hones, BCllr Cloke, BCllr Bridge

  1. Representative from Weston Homes re: Old Scrapyard site – ‘The Elms’

David Poole attended the meeting to explain the new proposal for developing the Old                           Scrapyard site in Mountnessing. This involves 85 residential properties of which 24 are for           Social Housing, and an office block for B1 business use. MPC decided to find out more information from Brentwood Borough Council as to what has already been agreed for this site and for the supporting infrastructure. Cllr Stephenson will discuss initially with the Planning Officer for this application.

Fencing on Lower Road – David Poole from Weston Homes is to report back on what is available to ensure that the site is safe.

MrPoole left the meeting at 8.15pm

  1. Public Question Time

No members of the public attended.

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 9 May 2016 and matters arising from these.

Minutes from the Ordinary meeting on the 9 May were agreed and signed.

  1. Code of conduct and declaration of interests

No issues arising

  1. Finance
    • Monthly Financial Statement – this was accepted. Receipts were noted and payments made approved.
    • 2016 CIF – 2 projects suggested; addressing the surface and safety area around the roundabout in the playpark and putting in an Activity Stations area. Both ideas to be taken forward and discussed further at the next meeting.
    • Insurance Zurich policy has been renewed with new park benches and tables included. MPC need to put in place procedures to assess risk for Legionella. Clerk to investigate the process for this.
  1. Councillor Vacancies

Two Cllr vacancies still remain

  1. Internal Controls

Complaints Procedure/Council Procedure for handling requests under the Freedom of Information Act and Data Protection Act/Policy for dealing with the Press/Media – Work on putting these in place for MPC is ongoing.

  1. Planning

New applications  –  

  • 209 Roman Road (dropped kerb) – Whilst MPC is sympathetic to the owners request it is felt that this would affect use of the lay-by currently there, which is very close to the Thoby   Lane junction and therefore MPC do not support this application.
  • Annes Cottage, St. Annes Road (replace double garage with new garage/fitness room)- MPC is strongly opposed to any development in the Green Belt other than in very exceptional and legally permissible circumstances. However, there may be exceptional circumstances in this instance. As MPC do not have the expertise, the only logical course is to rely on the assessment of the planning officer to determine whether or not the circumstances are applicable. In the event that the Green Belt exceptions apply the MPC consider the proposed building design acceptable.
  • 20 Burnthouse Lane (single storey front extension) – MPC has no objection.

For Update           

  • The Factory, 29 Burnthouse Lane – this has been approved.
  • Bushcade – the Chairman has written to the Chief Executive of Brentwood Borough Council and to Network Rail regarding MPC’s concerns for this development. Replies are awaited.
  • LDP – no update
  • Tile Hurst, Hall Lane (Lift installation) – MPC submitted no objection and a decision is pending.
  1. Projects

– Proposed footway across Coronation Playing Field – the Option agreement has been signed and the initial payment to MPC has been made.

– Playground upgrades – no update but Cllr King will follow up the planned painting work.

– New Fascias etc. for Changing Rooms – no update

  1. Borough and County Councillor’s reports – no BCllr’s present and nothing to report from CCllr.
  2. Parish Council Assets including Risk Assessment/Management
  • Children’s play area, Bus Shelters and Tennis Court – no issues to report
  • Recreation Ground – Cllr King will encourage removal of the goal posts as soon as possible.
  • Village Hall Car Park, Millennium Gardens and Old Recycling Area – a second quote has been received for patching and re-surfacing the car park. This is approximately £10k including VAT. Councillors resolved to proceed with getting this work carried out and resolved to amend the budget to include the cost of repair and resurfacing, using reserve funds.

Consult with bookings clerk for Village Hall to determine a good time for this work to be done.

– A new bollard for the car park entrance has been sourced and will be ordered and fitted.

  1. Water Meadows – Cllr Hofert reported this was very overgrown. Clerk to arrange for this to be mowed and tidied.
  1. External Communications
    • Facebook – Parish page, Mountnessing Village News is now live. Ways to circulate information on this were discussed including: – posting on noticeboard/advertising it on Ingatestone news site/ including in ‘Parentmail’ if the school agree.
    • Website – Cllr Santry to authorise heartinternet to discuss the website with the Parish Clerk in order to move this forward.
    • Newsletter – work on changes and updates to this are ongoing   
  1. Allotments

Cllr Hofert has attended a training course on allotments at EALC headquarters. A number of issues with regards to management were identified which the sub-committee need to discuss and implement where appropriate. It was agreed that Cllr Santry would step down from the sub-committee and plot holder, Chris Vaughn would be invited to join as a co-opted member.

  1. St. Johns Hall and Village Hall – Parish Clerk to arrange for trimming of the hedges at St. Johns.
  1. Mountnessing C of E School

CCllr Naylor will investigate when the work to put a crossing outside the school is to be carried out and feed back. Cllr Read reported that a new Reception teacher is starting at the school in September.

  1. Other Matters of Interest

A stile has been identified which is starting to go rusty and will need repainting. Parish Clerk to follow up with Essex County Council.

Date of next meeting: Monday 11 July 2016, St Johns Hall, Mountnessing


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